Mellow Mode Spritzer | メロウモードスプライザー

Mellow Mode Spritzer | メロウモードスプライザー

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Lavender, Tea Tree
With Purified Water, Witch Hazel, Fractionated Coconut Oil

We blend this spritzer for a naturally easy way to mellow your day and/or calm your nights for some good rest.

Spritzing around you for a lovely smelling space of aromatherapy or spray yourself to embrace your favorite blended scent with witch hazel for toning on the face and body.

The 2 ounce plastic misting bottle is easy to carry along anywhere you go. The spritzer uses pure essential oils for quality assurances.






Made in Oregon by Wandering Goods, brought to Japan by SNL2 Oregon Goods.
オレゴン州でWandering Goods生産した商品がSNL2オレゴングッズで日本にがお届けします。