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Clutch Purse, Box of 12 | クラッチバッグ,  1箱12個入り

Clutch Purse, Box of 12 | クラッチバッグ, 1箱12個入り

Bear Leather Designs

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Oregon Leather Products, Made by Bear Leather Designs, Provided by SNL2 Oregon Goods.
Box of 12 FOB Price | 12個入の箱 FOB価格

Another stylish purse for ladies who only need to carry a few items for the day. Rectangular with a main pocket, six card slots and a cash pocket. Light weight and very classy.


Summary bullet attributes:

  • Stylish Oregon Ladies Purse スタイリッシュなオレゴンレディース財布
  • Durable Full Grain Leather Material 耐久性のあるフルグレインレザー素材
  • Great for carrying essential things. 必須のものを運ぶのに最適です。
  • Will feature Bear Design Leather Logo stating made in Oregon.  オレゴン州で作られたベアデザインレザーロゴが特徴です。
  • Less expensive than Louis Vuitton or Gucci, comparable quality and Oregon attraction. ルイ・ヴィトンやグッチよりも安く、同等の品質とオレゴンの魅力。