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Arnica Roll-On, 1 Box of 28 | アルニカ ロールオン, 1箱28本入り

Arnica Roll-On, 1 Box of 28 | アルニカ ロールオン, 1箱28本入り

Wandering Goods

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Made in Oregon by Wandering Goods, Provided by SNL2 Oregon Goods.お届けします。
1 Box = Case of 90 FOB Price | 1ボックス= 90 個入 FOB価格

A very convenient Arnica Roll-On stick for easy application and a smooth way to take care of the inflammation during busy life.  It has been infused with the consecrated Arnica into Sweet Almond Oil & Apricot Kernel Oil  Frankincense Essential Oil, Wintergreen Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil & Rosemary Extract for quick skin absorption. This roll-on is a real crowd pleaser. It comes in a (10ml) bottle. 

非常に便利なArnica Roll-Onスティックを使用して簡単に使用でき、
容量は(10 ml)ボトルに入っています。

1 order =  90 units, equals $11 per item.