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Arnica Salve, 1 Box of 40|アルニカ軟膏, 1箱40個入り

Arnica Salve, 1 Box of 40|アルニカ軟膏, 1箱40個入り

Wandering Goods

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Made in Oregon by Wandering Goods, Provided by SNL2 Oregon Goods.

生産: Wandering Goods (オレゴン州) 販売:SNL2 Oregon Goods

1 Box = Case of 24 FOB Price | ,  1ボックス=24個入 FOB価格

This silky feeling salve is a wonderful blend of herbs and oils. It contains Organic Arnica Infused with Organic Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Non-GMO Vitamin E, Tea Tree Essential Oil, and Lavender Essential Oil. (2 oz tin).

GMO(グルタミン酸ナトリウム)無添加。 (2オンスのスズ含有)

1 order = 24 units,  $13 per unit.