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Hello! This Is How We Spritz: We bottled what we ๐Ÿ’œ to drink - a lower alcohol dry Wine Spritz!

The Women-Owned business, "VinH2O" put their own twist on vino.

Francis Gorrell, a certified Sommelier, and Robin Brown, a Wine & Spirits Trust Educator, have created VinH2O, a bottled dry wine spritzer that is a blend of Wine (Vin) and Sparkling Water (H2O). A simple refreshing Spritz with a low alcohol level of 7.5% and 65 calories per 5oz serving, packaged in a 12 oz recycable glass bottle with a twist-off crown cap. Perfect for any wine lover preferring lower calories & alcohol without added fruit flavors.

VinH2O โ€“ a Smart & New approach to drinking wine!

| Portland, OR |

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